Smoke Alarm Lesson Plan

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the importance of smoke alarms.
  2. Recognize what to do when an alarm sounds.
  3. Remember when to replace batteries and test alarms.



A battery-operated smoke alarm

Lesson Activity

  1. Show the smoke alarm to the students and ask if they’ve seen something like it in their homes. Discuss what the device does.
  2. Describe and use the “test” button. Ask students what they should do if they hear the alarm sound.


Note that students should get out and stay out if their smoke alarm goes off. Stress that they shouldn’t stop to collect personal belongings or pets.

  1. Emphasize that the alarm should be tested every month and batteries replaced every 6 months.
  2. Ask students to identify where smoke alarms are in their homes and why they think they’re placed there.
  3. Ask students how they can help their parents remember to maintain the smoke alarms.

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