Stopping a Grease Fire


A fire requires three things to burn: heat, oxygen and fuel. Removing any one of these, will stop the fire from burning.  If you are faced with a grease fire, the safest and fastest way to stop the spread is by removing the oxygen.

Water and other liquids will only make a grease fire worse, and possibly cause injury to you. You must smother a grease fire to remove the oxygen.


To put out most grease fires from the start-

1. Put protective wear on, like oven mitts and eyewear if available.

2. Using a metal lid (never a glass lid) that fits the pan, smother the flames by sliding the lid on the the pan. A metal baking sheet works well     as a substitute for a lid.

3. Shut off the burner to remove the heat source. Now you have eliminated 2 of the 3 parts of a fire.

4. Leave the pan alone. Do not move it. Do not open it. 

5. When the pan has cooled completely, and this may take a very long time, remove the pan from the area.


Other ways to put out a grease fire-

1.Pour a liberal amount of baking soda on to small grease fires.  Do not use just anything that is a powder, such as salt, sugar or flour. Only use baking soda.

2.Place a soaked towel over the grease pan to smother the flames.

3. With an ABC rated fire extinguisher stand far back from the fire and move towards the flame while aiming the nozzle at the pan.  If you start too close to the fire, the pressure can cause the pan to tip and spread the flames.  

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